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DOCOSS Pack Of 3 Silicone Ice Mold Premium Ice Cube Moulds Maker 37 Cavity Silicon Ice Tray For Freezer Ice Cube Trays with Lid (Multicolor)

DOCOSS Pack Of 3 Silicone Ice Mold Premium Ice Cube Moulds Maker 37 Cavity Silicon Ice Tray For Freezer Ice Cube Trays with Lid (Multicolor)

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100% Food Grade Silicone- These Silicone Ice Mold are made of food grade Silicone ice cube trays which is BPA free and non-toxic, feel soft and comfortable, they can contact with food directly, safe for drink & food making. Each hexagon shaped ice cubes size: L 7.95 * W 4.72 * H 0.79 in ( SINGLE TINY ICE CUBE SIZE 0.87*1.02*0.79inch )

Removable Lid & Stackable - Ice Cube Moulds Maker Comes with removable silicone lids for easy Stacking, prevent spills and keep ice cubes from absorbing freezer smells when you making baby food or other stuff. Please DON’T add full trays of liquids otherwise the lid does not stay secure on tray when transferring

Easy to Release - 

Innovative Design -The Ice Cube Tray with Lid of silicon providSilicon Ice Tray For Freezer Made of non-stick silicone these cube mold won’t break in the fridge, smooth inside and bottom wall make it easy to pop out the ice cubes. You can wait a while or run warm water over inverted tray with cover on to loosen cubes for easily pop out the cubeses protection from freezer odors and also holds water and other liquids in place. Resists absorption of other freezer odors. Child friendly.

Very Versatile - Ice Cube Mold can be used for projects like frozening pet food,baby food,candle making, soap making, or other crafts. Suitable for bars, parties, and home use like cool whiskey, cocktails, juices etc.


DOCOSS Silicone Ice Mold / Ice Cube Moulds Maker Quality Ice, Quality Products 4.8"X8.0" ice cube trays make ice cubes and are stackable in freezer for crisp refreshments at your hosted parties. You Can Have it Both Ways For a super special party idea, make your craft cocktails with attractive long-lasting ice. These work great for icing your coffee or infusing mint for a delicious Mojito. High-Quality Silicone Mold Unlike stiff plastic ice cube trays that just don’t let go, simply twist or push on the bottom of our flexible, non-stick trays and the cubes slide out in perfect shape. Bring Some Bling to Your Bash Our ice cube trays make ice that chill your glass with a touch of class. Add a rockstar twist to an Old Fashioned or scotch, bourbon, cocktails, punch, iced coffee, and blended whiskey on ice.


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