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DOCOSS Pack of 10 Non Stick Spatula Set /Cooking Spoon Set / Silicone Spatulas For Cooking / Stainless Steel Core nonstick spatula set for kitchen & Baking

DOCOSS Pack of 10 Non Stick Spatula Set /Cooking Spoon Set / Silicone Spatulas For Cooking / Stainless Steel Core nonstick spatula set for kitchen & Baking

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NO MORE CHEAP, UNHYGIENIC ITEMS – These premium solid-silicone spatulas &kitchen utensils set with Strong Handle won’t harbor bacteria or let you down by melting or warping. The smooth edges won’t scratch non-stick pans, and are perfect for spreading frosting or scraping out mixing bowls.

SAFE AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR FAMILY - We use these spatula set & Kitchen Utensils Set ourselves and want the best for our family and yours. Our silicone is safety-tested, heat resistant up to 480°F, and guaranteed 100% BPA-free

REALLY DURABLE - This is the most important ! Silicone is like the glass we usually see, nontoxic and insoluble in water. Its chemical properties are very stable. With high strength of softness, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, these small all-around silicone spatulas will not rust or burn your hands during use.

FLEXIBLE & SEAMLESS DESIGN-These Kitchen Item set have head that are designed with enough flexibility to conform to bowl wall if scraping, Great to flip, stir, scrape and fold the most kinds of food without scratching your coated cookware, One-piece seamless design keep it sturdy without break case, No seams or cracks to trap food crumbs

PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE PANS: The non-scratch silicone heads pair great with your expensive non-stick pans, pots and bakeware, ensuring that the cookware surface is not scratched or dented. They’re the perfect tools to protect and extend the life of all your kitchen cookware.


DOCOSS- Pack of 10-Silicone Spatula Set & Kitchen Utensils Spoon Set for Cooking. HIGH QUALITY: 100% Food Grade & BPA Free Silicone.Our Cooking Utensils Are Made From the Highest Quality Materials. Food Grade Silicone is Safe to use For any Type of food - it does not React with Food or Beverages. As Such, They are Longer-Lasting than Other kitchen Utensils. QUANTITY: 10 Piece Silicone Utensil Spatula Set is Kitchen Helper, Perfect For all Types of Foods and Cooking&kitchen Accessaries, Stirfry, Stirring Cream, Butter, Ice cream, etc. Include Spatula ,Basting Brush ,Pointed Spatula ,Round-edge Turner,Ladle,Straight-edge Turner, Spoon,Tongs,Wisk,Pasta Fork and Perfect For all Types of Foods and Cooking. HEAT RESISTANT: All Utensils with silicon spoon are Heat Resistant Temperature From -40 to 230 Centigrade. Which Mean you Can use it Without any Worries. SUITABLE: Microwave Oven, Toaster,Dishwasher Cabinet, Steamer. They also can be Boiled and Sterilized.Unlike most other Flimsy and Weak Silicone Cookwares, this Quality Nylon Hard core make the Silicone Utensils Strong. It's Easy to Clean,Simply Wipe under Hot Water or Throw them in the Dishwasher.


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