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DOCOSS Metal 4 Digit Combination Number Lock For Bag Luggage Locks ,Pack Of 2 (Black ,Grey)

DOCOSS Metal 4 Digit Combination Number Lock For Bag Luggage Locks ,Pack Of 2 (Black ,Grey)

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4 DIGIT COMBINATION -Number Lock For Bag of 4 digit offers 10, 000 combinations for added security compared with 3-digit. Locks for Luggage Set your mind at rest while doing your sports or job.

UNBREAKABLE LOCK FOR SECURITY -Luggage Locks For Travel is waterproof padlock has super resistance to rust and corrosion thanks to the carefully zinc coated zinc alloy lock body and sturdy hardened steel shackle, the steel shackle affords up to 220 lbs with extra cutting & sawing resistance and hardly damaged by human force.

RESETTABLE :Password Lock combination design makes it easy to set and reset your own preferred combination and hassle free to carry the key.

MULTI USE LOCK :Lock for bags are sturdy hardened steel shackle is thin enough to thread through all standard sized zippers and lock holes on the market, perfect for locking suitcase, hard case,briefcase, locker, purse, backpack, laptop bag and anything lockable.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION : Luggage Lock are heavy duty combianation locks come with high strength zinc alloy bodies, hardened steel shackles and excellent caft manship. They are anti rust and resistant to cutting and sawing. They are designed to be the most durable dial combination locks for you.


DOCOSS Number bag locks For travelling .bag locks are of Solid construction of high quality zinc alloy and plated steel. - password lock that can Discourage the thief With the tough 4-digit locks with 10,000 of possiblities which cannot be cracked . Our luggage locks are designed and tested to withstand the rigors of travel

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